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Programming with Python, 6.12.-9.12.2021

Introduction to (Scientific) Programming with Python

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Intended audience:
Everyone with an interest into the Python programming language.

Programming experience is not a prerequisite. Experienced programmers should note this and are pointed to the Python tutorial. Again: This is a beginners course. Also, examples may cover all scientific areas, particularly of the natural sciences. Minor homework is mandatory.

All participants will get a (temporary) course account on mogon. Hence, the working environment will be Linux.

Kursraum 3 / class room 3

2018, April 24. to July 3.
Every Tuesday - 10 a.m. - 12 p.m./noon (incl. breaks)
Contents of this course:
•overview on Python and Ipython (the Python basics will be the major part of this course)
•the Python standard library
•how to write job scripts and job handlers in Python (with respect to batch systems / mogon)
•introduction into the scientific modules numpy und scipy.
•a very basic introduction (if time allows) into pandas


Introduction to (Scientific) Programming with Python



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18. Jun 2021, 17:25 - 02. Dec 2021, 17:25
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06. Dec 2021 - 09. Dec 2021

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