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HPC / Programming


This side lists the courses offered or provided by the HPC-Team. Each course will take place on the ZDV premises. And if you have no idea at all, where we are on campus, have a look here.

The default course language is English, if not stated otherwise.
For courses requireing access to our HPC system, we will provide local systems with test accounts for the participants. Please note: Test accounts will be granted prior to the course and revoked afterwards. There are virtually no requirements, but:
  • participants should be able to type on a keyboard (not fast, but we do not want to explain how to find every special character)
  • participants should have a group affiliation or anticipate to get one, e.g. for their Bachelor's thesis (please do not enroll in your first semester - you do not know whether the content ever will be useful for you at all)
  • futher expectations are stated per course.
The minimum number of participants is 15 per course. We reserve the right to cancel a course due to deficient particitation.
The minimum number of participants for a "Tools day" event is 6. We reserve the right to cancel a course due to deficient particitation. Also, if the number of participants for a "Tools day" event is below 10, we will reserve the right to alter the location. In this case, you will be informed in due time.
I am not interested in HPC. May I still take part?
Yes, but our courses are primarily for our users.
What if I missed to enrol? May I still take part?
There is no use showing up without a course confirmation: We have our list of participants and a waiting list.
How do I enroll (practically)?
  1. You need to log-in, using your university/HPC account. Otherwise the system cannot recognize you. If you do not have a university account to log in, see below on how to proceed.
  2. Depending on your language setting, select "Aktion" or "Action" next to the desired course offering.
  3. In the pull-down menu which opens, depending on your language setting, select "Beitreten" or "Join".
How to enrol without an university account?
It is only possible to enrol with an university account. Any account for our HPC resources is an university account. If you do not happen to have one yet, get in touch with the HPC team: hpc <at> uni-mainz.de .
The desired course is already booked?

Please sign the waiting list, if you want to participate and the course is already booked. Sometimes someone signs off and others can move up. We will grant a higher priority for a follow up course. In cases where the course is considerably overbooked, we will attempt to schedule additional courses.
Please, sign out off a course if you cannot make it to a particular course
We assign a lower participation priority to those who enrolled to a course and did not participate without notification or signing off for that course. Thank you for your understanding.
Where will the booked course be placed?
Contents and location of a course are listed for each course, separately.



Programming C++ - Sequence Analysis with the SeqAn-Library (Workshop) - 13. Nov. 2020

Introductory Workshop for using the SeqAn sequence analysis library
状态: 离线  
注册期限: 没有注册的可能  
Course Period: 13. 11月 2020  
Availability: 02. 8月 2019, 11:35 - 13. 11月 2020, 19:15  

Working Remotely using the Linux Shell - 26 Oct 2023 - 14:00-17:00 - ZDV: KR4

Introduction to practically working on remote servers. First aid in completing your MOGON login.
注册期限: 没有注册的可能  
Course Period: 26. 10月 2023  
Availability: 21. 12月 2022, 09:20 - 16. 5月 2024, 10:10